The world’s fathers: Inspiring stories of refugee fatherhood

Acknowledging the bravery and strength of refugee fathers, uncles, brothers, grandfathers and loved ones.

Abdelsalam and his family fled brutal fighting in his homeland of Syria and now call Lebanon home. ©UNHCR/Hannah Maule-ffinch
Valens (38) lives in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement with his wife and three children. © UNHCR / Vincent Tremeau
Portrait of Amirul Mumeen (46) with his children in front of the family shelter in Nayapara camp (also called Camp 26), Teknaf, Bangladesh. © UNHCR/Vincent Tremeau

“According to the Rohingya way, a father has the responsibility to look after his family, so they may live in peace. This is what compels me to be a good father.”

Ahmed Ishag Babiker, 54, sits in his compound in Kabkabiya town in North Darfur, Sudan, with his children. © UNHCR/Will Swanson

“We were seated under a tree when suddenly we heard gunshots… I ran towards the house to look for my children,” the 54-year-old father of six remembered.

Abdikadir dreams for his daughters to one day also attend university. © UNHCR/Anthony Karumba
The Al-Bashawats pose for a family portrait in their new home in Vienna. © UNHCR/Stefanie J. Steindl

“I couldn’t see any future for them. Our future was shattered in the ruins of Syria,” Mahmoud says.



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