Celebrating the words and stories of four LGBTIQ+ displaced persons who are empowering the community worldwide.

Bianka Rodríguez. © UNHCR/Daniel Dreifuss

This Mother’s Day, join UNHCR for a special look into the memories and recipes of the “Tastes from Home” cookbook contributors

Aya Wadi and her mother Duha in their restaurant in Thunder Bay, Ontario. © UNHCR/David Jackson

Woman waters plants.
Woman waters plants.
© UNHCR/Kamrul Hasan

It only takes a moment for a refugee’s life to change. And this Ramadan, it only takes seconds to bring hope and help to vulnerable populations around the world.

A refugee receives his COVID-19 vaccination at the Gashora Emergency Transit Mechanism centre in Rwanda. ©Plaisir Muzogeye

Meet five incredible women devoting their daily lives towards helping refugees.

A group of woman reading books.
A group of woman reading books.
© UNHCR/Anthony Karumba

1) “She was always there when you needed her:” Colombian woman devotes life to help abused children heal

After a tumultuous year, these tales of kindness are sure to warm your heart.

© UNHCR/Pablo Villagran

1) Caring teacher fundraises for families in Ethiopia

Join UNHCR Canada as we reflect on the making of our free e-cookbook and catch up with the refugees and contributors who inspired the project.

Tareq Hadhad with his family in Nova Scotia. © UNHCR / Darren Calabrese

© UNHCR/Jimmy Jeong

Around the world, displaced and host communities have come together to show acts of kindness to one another. And right here in Canada, newly resettled refugees and Canadian sponsors are supporting each other in so many ways.

Ripples of kindness across decades in Canada

Across the world, refugee grandmothers and grandfathers are overcoming adversity while caring for their families and one another.

Mona and Kaj are Finnish pensioners who have assumed the role of grandparents for 3-year-old Diana, a refugee from Iraq who arrived on the Finnish island of Nagu in 2015. Diana and her father, Azaldeen, fled Iraq after her mother was abducted. © UNHCR/Max-Michel Kolijn

“Grandpa’s House” becomes a warm home for elderly Venezuelan refugees

Recognizing the incredible journeys of displaced lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex refugees and asylum-seekers.

© UNHCR/ Elizabet Diaz Sanmartin

A hidden life: LGBTQ and displaced people on the frontline of Ukraine conflict

UNHCR Canada

The UN Refugee Agency in Canada is dedicated to providing life-saving support to refugees, displaced and stateless people.

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